Book Promotion Packages

Book Promotion Packages

Readers from around the world are eager to discover your books!

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Schedule your book promotion today to have your book listed on our website, shared on social media, and included in our daily Best Book Deals Newsletter. We offer both FREE and PAID promotions for your books. 

Our free promotions include a forever listing on our website, active promotion on our website for three weeks, placement at the top of your book’s genre page, social media posts, and a chance to win an upgrade to a paid promotion. Selecting a paid promotion guarantees your book’s inclusion in our newsletter, a spot on our homepage, and adds two weeks to the time your book is actively promoted on our website.


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Every author needs more readers, and we love helping you build your platform. All of our promotions are designed to get more eyeballs on your books with a focus on increasing your downloads and/or books sales. By signing up for either a free or paid promotion, your book will be actively promoted on our website, listed on our website forever, and shared on social media.

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GOLD Package

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Bronze Package

Boost Your Book's Exposure


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Authors Love Best Book Monkey!

Working with Best Book Monkey and Shea Oliver was stress-free, effective and in general a positive experience. I received hundreds of downloads of "A Journey of Souls" by Michael Mckinney after advertising with Best Book Monkey. I clearly got the sense that Shea Oliver sincerely wants authors to have positive results when they use his excellent service. An author has no way of knowing whether or not any book promoting ad will help getting the word out about their work, but I'm convinced that "Best Book Monkey" is a very safe bet.
I have placed all three of my books in “The Nemo & Co.” series with Best Book Monkey during both free promotions and when my books have been discounted. I have found that the service has been both successful and as a company they are extremely easy to deal with. I cannot recommend them highly enough for the value for money they provide through their services. I even managed to achieve a number one for free downloads in Suspense (English Language) in Germany for two days which I would certainly give them a lot of credit for. They provide a fantastic service for any writer.
I used Best Book Monkey to help promote my Nebilon Series, and I was pleased to see a noticeable increase in the number of downloads of my eBook and a nice jump in my rankings. Their loyal readers also helped me improve my subgenre ranking categories. I highly recommend using Best Book Monkey for your next book promotion.
I found this site on a recommendation from a friend. I am glad I listed my book with them. The process was easy and the prompts were helpful. I love the exposure that I got from being listed here. I would recommend all new authors get their package and start your marketing journey here.
I am so glad that I discovered Best Book Monkey! Whenever I use its promotional services, I have more downloads of my books. Since subscribers select the genres that interest them, the readers are more likely to notice your books when promoted by Best Book Monkey. Authors' advertising prices range from free to very inexpensive. I appreciate this service as both a reader and a writer. Finally, I love the cute name and logo!
I wholeheartedly recommend Shea and Best Book Monkey! I recently offered a free promotion on Amazon for my second novel 'Imperial Knight' - On the first day Best Book Monkey generated healthy downloads that meant that it was climbing up the charts ready for the second day of the Campaign when it was promoted by Book Barbarian. With both sites together the novel hit number 3 on's free science fiction chart, hitting number 1 in the Galactic Empire subcategory, and stayed near the top for several days, generating those much needed 4 star and 5 star Amazon and Goodreads ratings. I was very pleased with this result as my previous attempt at free days with my first novel "Religion Without a God" generated only a quarter of the downloads using multiple alternative promotion sites. Many thanks to Best Book Monkey and I shall certainly use them for future campaigns!
I'm a big fan of Best Book Monkey. I used it to promote my book of short stories, 'The Hand That Pulls You Under', and the experience was very positive. Friendly service, low cost, and very effective. Highly recommended.
There are lots of book promotion sites on the web. Though I've used many of them, there are a few to which I continue to return. Best Book Monkey is one of my favorites because it is professionally run and the graphics presentation of their newsletter is second to none. Though Best Book Monkey doesn't yet have a huge base of readers, they are certainly moving in the right direction. They promote your books for a fair and affordable price. The people who subscribe to Best Book Monkey's newsletter are knowledgeable readers. When I run a promotion, I always seem to sell other books of mine that are normally priced.
I have been using Best Book Monkey for the past year for my book promotions for Demystifying Enlightenment and The Angelic Realm. They provide that extra visibility at a very reasonable price that many other book promotion sites are not willing to do. They truly are trying to help all authors in promoting their books with their beautifully formatted email newsletter in the most efficient way possible. A wonderful site to use for your upcoming book promotion!
This site is a gem! Whenever I advertise with it my book downloads are up and my mood is soaring! What else an author needs? The Best Book Monkey delivers!!!

Genre-Specific Pricing

To schedule a Book Promotion, CLICK ON THE GENRE that best represents your book.

Fiction - Gold Packages

Non-Fiction - Gold Packages

Please Note: Best Book Monkey Package promotions are designed for books that are FREE, discounted to $4.99 or less, or have a regular price of $4.99 or less. If you have any questions, please CONTACT US.

What Our Promotions Include

Listed in our Daily Best Book Deals Newsletter

This is the most effective way to boost your readership. We’ll pitch your book to readers who are actively looking for their next book to read or to build up their reading list. 

The newsletter provides direct links to your book’s pages on the most popular book sites on the Internet.

Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Apple, Google, Smashwords, and Goodreads


Win a PAID Package

Every day, we select a few Bronze Promotion Packages to upgrade to a paid promotion.

Be sure to subscribe as a reader to discover whether your book was upgraded.

Featured on the Homepage & Top of Your Genre Page

On your selected promotion date, your book will be listed on the homepage of and also listed in the top section of your book’s genre page.

The homepage and the genre pages are some of the most consistently visited pages on our website. Many visitors have bookmarked these pages so that they can return at their leisure. 

Additionally, we provide links in every edition of our newsletter to each genre page. Each of our genre-specific social media accounts also lists the corresponding genre in its profile.

A Forever Listing on Our Website

You read that correctly! Once we promote your book on our website, we keep your page active forever. 

We’ve had books on our site still getting traffic months after the book’s promotion day! Imagine additional downloads and sales months later!